Planning a Trip to Bali | Everything You Need to Know

Planning a Trip to Bali | Everything You Need to Know

Wondering where to go in Bali? How to create the perfect Bali itinerary? I’m very happy to help you plan a trip to Bali that you’re going to remember. Why should you trust me? Well – Bali was my base for more than a year so I feel like I know Bali pretty well!

The first time I visited Bali was in 2016. I was coming from Java, one of the neighbors’ islands after an exhausting two weeks. I ended up in Canggu, which is pretty popular in the backpacking community.

Bali became my base, my home and one of my favorites places in Asia! After spending more than a year here (on and off), I feel like I’ve seen many places in Bali, but I also feel like I can help you make the most of your time on this beautiful island.

This ultra long article will feature a lot of information about Bali including the best time to go, the top places to visit, the most beautiful areas as well as travel tips for those who are traveling solo, on a budget or simply visiting Bali for the first time.

Best Time to Visit Bali

The best time to visit Bali is definitely the dry season (between April and September).

Traveling during the rainy season is cheaper, but this means you’ll have to deal with the almost daily rain. Kindly note that it only rains a few hours per day. Sometimes, it doesn’t even rain… and sometimes it rains all day.  That being said, the rainy season is pretty unpredictable. So, perhaps, you should take a look at this Bali packing list for both seasons.

Planning Your Bali Itinerary | Most Beautiful & Best Places To Go in Bali

It doesn’t really matter if you’re planning a few days, a week, 10 days or two weeks in Bali.  I personally think that the longer, the better. You could easily spend a month in Bali and wish you would have stayed longer!  Indonesia has a lot to offer and it’s also the case for the very popular island that is Bali.

To start, we’ll talk about the best places/regions to visit in Bali. Then, I’ll give you examples of itineraries to consider depending on the number of days you’re planning to stay.

Also, in my opinion, unless you’re planning on doing some partying at Skygarden in Kuta or some shopping in Seminyak, I don’t think it’s necessary to visit Kuta or Seminyak unless you’re planning on relaxing in Bali. These itineraries are perfect for those who are planning to visit Bali and get outside the main areas.

How to Plan Your Bali Adventure


Uluwatu is one of my favorite places in Bali. This is where you’ll get the best sunsets in Bali, some of the best waves if you’re into surfing and the most beautiful beaches on the mainland.

Most people can sometimes be disappointed with the beaches situation in Bali. I tell them to head to Uluwatu! Many beaches in Bali are amazing for surfing but aren’t that pretty.  In Uluwatu, you can find turquoise blue waters as well as pretty amazing beaches.

Uluwatu is the perfect choice if you’re into photography, surfing, partying and beach bumming. If you’re planning on doing a surf camp in Bali, you should consider doing it in Uluwatu. I tried Rapture Camps (they have two different camps in Uluwatu) and they are amazing especially if you’re a beginner or an intermediate.

Highlights in Uluwatu:
  • Uluwatu Temple – Check tour that includes Kecak Dance
  • Omnia Beach Club – Visit their website to be aware of the upcoming events.
  • Single Fin – Ideal for sunset and partying. Their best parties are on Sunday and Wednesday.
How many days are recommended in Uluwatu?

Uluwatu is a great spot to enjoy the beach or a surf – but there’s not so much to do apart from that. That being said, unless you’re planning on enjoying a big relaxing session – a weekend (2-3 days) would be more than enough. You could also just visit on a day trip in you’re on a tight schedule.


Canggu is my favorite place in Bali as it’s the perfect town where to live!  It’s known as the backpacker’s paradise, the party hub, the digital nomad spot and is also known for its surfing options that appear to be perfect for the beginners out there.

Canggu is a great spot, if you are seeking a spot where to relax, surf, enjoy some of the best sunsets and party.  But, apart from Tanah Lot Temple, there’s not a lot of things to do in the area. It’s a hipster place where you can find any sorts of restaurants and cafés, but you won’t want to spend too long around here if you’re into adventuring! The truth is that it’s pretty easy to get stuck in Canggu. Many people tend to stay a few days… and then they decide to stay even longer… which means they might run out of time to appreciate the rest of Bali.

Highlights in Canggu:
  • Tanot Lot Temple – Join the sunset tour
  • Alternative Beach – The most affordable day club in Canggu including daily events.
  • The party scene including Old Man’s Bar, Sand Bar, La Brisa, Lost City, X Bar, Pub Island Bar, Backyard, etc.
How many days are recommended in Canggu?

As mentioned above, there aren’t a lot of things to do in Canggu apart from surfing, partying and relaxing. A few days would be more than enough unless you just want to surf and party. It could also be a good base for day trips around Bali.


Ubud is a popular spot in Bali. There are a lot of attractions/activities in Ubud such as cooking classes, temples, the Monkey Forest Bali dancing shows, etc.  It’s also a great starting point to get to see rice terraces, for the Mount Batur trekking or to go on a waterfall adventure. There are many waterfalls around Ubud (and around Gianyar) and you should definitely see them while you’re around.

If you’re after a yoga retreat or just a very chill atmosphere, there’s a cool community living in Ubud.  It’s also pretty popular for digital nomads and backpackers. I’d say Ubud is an excellent base if you’re planning on doing adventures around this area or if you like to mix spirituality as well as work.

Highlights in Ubud:
  • Waterfalls chasing – If you don’t drive your own scooter, you can join a tour and see the best waterfalls around
  • Tegalalang Rice terraces
  • Monkey Forest – Visit the monkeys and join a tour
How many days are recommended in Ubud?

You could easily spend 2-3 days (or even more) in Ubud. Personally, I was never a big fan of Ubud as it does feel quite touristy, and the crowd is a bit different. Although, if you’d rather go off the beaten path, you should head north where you can also see monkeys, rice terraces as well as waterfalls without the big crowds.